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Marcus Terentius Varro

ancient Latin scholar

115   -  

country of citizenship: ancient Rome
language of expression: Latin
occupation: writer, poet, music theorist, philosopher, military personnel, historian, grammarian, annalist
position held: quaestor, praetor
student of: Lucius Aelius Stilo Praeconinus, Tyrannion of Amisus, Antiochus of Ascalon

Marcus Terentius Varro (Latin pronunciation: [ˈmarkʊs tɛˈrɛntɪʊs ˈwarːo]; 116–27 BC) was an ancient Roman scholar and writer. He is sometimes called Varro Reatinus (Latin pronunciation: ['warːo rɛaˈtiːnʊs]) to distinguish him from his younger contemporary Varro Atacinus.
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De re rustica

дидактическая работа Марка Теренция Варрона, составленная в 37 г. до н. э.

author: Marcus Terentius Varro


Saturae Menippeae

opera perduta di Varrone

author: Marcus Terentius Varro

De bibliothecis

book by Marcus Terentius Varro Reatinus

author: Marcus Terentius Varro

Quaestiones Plautinae

opera perduta di Varrone

author: Marcus Terentius Varro

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