Peter Mark Roget cover

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Peter Mark Roget

English physician and philologist

1779   -   1869

country of citizenship: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
languages spoken, written or signed: English
educated at: University of Edinburgh
occupation: lexicographer, physician
award received: Fellow of the Royal Society, Fellow of the Geological Society, Goulstonian Lectures

Peter Mark Roget (UK: US: ; 18 January 1779 – 12 September 1869) was a British physician, natural theologian, lexicographer and founding secretary of The Portico Library. He is best known for publishing, in 1852, the Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases, a classified collection of related words. He also read a paper to the Royal Society about a peculiar optical illusion in 1824, which is often regarded as the origin of the persistence of vision theory that was later commonly used to explain apparent motion in film and animation.
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