PostCapitalism: A Guide to our Future cover

PostCapitalism: A Guide to our Future


PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future is a 2015 book by British journalist and writer Paul Mason. In the book, Mason discusses the existential threat posed to capitalism by the digital revolution. He argues that the digital revolution has the potential to reshape utterly our familiar notions of work, production and value; and to destroy an economy based on markets and private ownership. In fact, he contends, this is already happening. He points to parallel currencies, co-operatives, self-managed online spaces, even Wikipedia as examples of what the postcapitalist future might look like. Mason argues that from the ashes of the financial crisis of 2007–2008, we have the chance to create a more socially just and sustainable global economy.
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original title: PostCapitalism: A Guide to our Future
date of publication: 2015
genre: non-fiction literature
main subject: capitalism

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