Élisée Reclus

1830 - 1905

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

country of citizenship:  France
native language:  French
languages spoken, written or signed:  French
award received:  Patron’s Medal
student of:  Carl Ritter

Jacques Élisée Reclus (French: [ʁəkly]; 15 March 1830 – 4 July 1905) was a French geographer, writer and anarchist. He produced his 19-volume masterwork, La Nouvelle Géographie universelle, la terre et les hommes ("Universal Geography"), over a period of nearly 20 years (1875–1894). In 1892 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Paris Geographical Society for this work, despite having been banished from France because of his political activism. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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