Jeppe på bjerget


Jeppe on the Hill; Or, The Transformed Peasant (Danish: Jeppe på bjerget) is a Danish comedy by Ludvig Holberg. The play premiered at the Lille Grønnegade Theatre in 1722, and was first published in print in 1723. The play has a special status in Danish theater, and playing the lead role, Jeppe, is seen as a great distinction. Because this, it was entered into the Danish Culture Canon in 2006. Despite its fame in Denmark, it is not well known in the English-speaking world.In the play, Jeppe is a drunkard peasant who is abused by his wife, Nille. The Baron and his court find him in a drunken stupor and decide to play a joke on Jeppe. A well-known quotation from the work is from Jeppe's soliloquy early in the play, where he says, "Everybody says that Jeppe drinks, but nobody asks why Jeppe drinks", rationalizing his alcohol abuse as a sensible reaction to his miserable life.
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date of publication: 1903
characters: Jeppe


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