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Luis de Góngora

Spanish Baroque lyric poet (1561-1627)

1561   -   1627

movement: Barroquismo (barroco)
genre: poetry
country of citizenship: Spain
native language: Spanish
language of expression: Spanish
educated at: University of Salamanca
occupation: poet, playwright, writer
position held: chaplain

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Luis de Góngora y Argote (born Luis de Argote y Góngora) (Spanish pronunciation: [lwiz ðe ˈɣoŋɡoɾa]; 11 July 1561 – 24 May 1627) was a Spanish Baroque lyric poet. Góngora and his lifelong rival, Francisco de Quevedo, are widely considered the most prominent Spanish poets of all time. His style is characterized by what was called culteranismo, also known as Gongorismo. This style existed in stark contrast to Quevedo's conceptismo.
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