Sewall Wright

American geneticist

1889   -   1988

country of citizenship: United States of America
language of expression: English
educated at: Harvard University, Lombard College
occupation: biologist, geneticist, statistician, university teacher
award received: Balzan Prize, Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal, National Medal of Science, Darwin Medal, Kimber Genetics Award, Josiah Willard Gibbs Lectureship, Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal, Gordon J. Laing Award, Fellow of the Econometric Society, Foreign Member of the Royal Society
student of: William Ernest Castle

Sewall Green Wright FRS(For) HFRSE (December 21, 1889 – March 3, 1988) was an American geneticist known for his influential work on evolutionary theory and also for his work on path analysis. He was a founder of population genetics alongside Ronald Fisher and J. B. S. Haldane, which was a major step in the development of the modern synthesis combining genetics with evolution. He discovered the inbreeding coefficient and methods of computing it in pedigree animals. He extended this work to populations, computing the amount of inbreeding between members of populations as a result of random genetic drift, and along with Fisher he pioneered methods for computing the distribution of gene frequencies among populations as a result of the interaction of natural selection, mutation, migration and genetic drift. Wright also made major contributions to mammalian and biochemical genetics.
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Evolution in Mendelian Populations ( 1931 )

scientific article

author: Sewall Wright Wright S

Evolution in Mendelian Populations ( 1931 )

corrigendum to 1931 paper on evolution by Sewall Wright

author: Sewall Wright

Genic and Organismic Selection ( 1980 )

scientific article

author: Sewall Wright Sewall Wright

The Evolution of Dominance ( 1929 )

scientific article

author: Sewall Wright

Dr. Wilhelmine Key. ( 1965 )

scientific article published in September 1965

author: Sewall Wright S Wright

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