Hayyim ben Joseph Vital

Rabbi and kabbalist.

1543 or 1542   -   1620

country of citizenship: Ottoman Empire
language of expression: Hebrew
occupation: rabbi
student of: Moshe Alshich, Moses ben Jacob Cordovero, Isaac Luria

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Hayyim ben Joseph Vital (Hebrew: רבי חיים בן יוסף ויטאל; Safed, October 23, 1542 (Julian calendar) and October 11, 1542 (Gregorian Calendar) – Damascus, 23 April 1620) was a rabbi in Safed and the foremost disciple of Isaac Luria. He recorded much of his master's teachings. After Vital's death, his writings began to spread and led to a "powerful impact on various circles throughout the Jewish world."
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Etz Chaim

Book about Kabbalah written by the Rabbi Chaim Vital.

author: Hayyim ben Joseph Vital

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