Mount Hermon Cemetery

garden cemetery in Quebec City

Mount Hermon Cemetery is a garden (or rural) cemetery and National Historic Site of Canada. It is located in the Sillery district (French: quartier) of the Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge borough (French: arrondissement) of Quebec City, Canada. The cemetery was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 2007.The impetus for the creation of the 11-hectare (26-acre) cemetery was the need for the provision of an Anglican burying ground for Quebec City's primarily English language speaking, Anglican community, in the mid–1800s.The cemetery is located at the corner of Saint-Louis Road (French: chemin Saint-Louis) and côte de Sillery (formerly côte de l'Église), on 109,010 m2 (0.042 sq mi) of land overlooking the Saint Lawrence River, in the southeastern direction.More than 17,000 people are buried at Mount Hermon. Mount Hermon Cemetery draws distinction as being the first garden cemetery (French: cimetière-jardin) established in Canada. Mount Hermon, and other garden cemeteries formed in North America, took inspiration from cimetière du Père-Lachaise of Paris.A memorial was dedicated to the victims of the sinking of the shipwrecked Empress of Ireland, in 1914, and other memorials were erected at later dates on the cemetery's grounds. The major loss of lives aboard the shipwrecked Empress of Ireland had significant impact upon Mount Hermon, along with its neighboring cemetery on chemin Saint-Louis: Saint-Patrick's Cemetery, which also relocated from the city of Quebec, in 1879. Both of the cemeteries took on responsibility for a significant amount of the ship's passengers whom perished aboard or at sea. Separately, on the Mount Hermon grounds is the Treggett Bell, which was presented in gratitude to the Treggett family, who had members from four different generations of its family serve as Mount Hermon's Superintendents, encompassing the years 1865–2014.In addition, the cemetery contains sections dedicated for individuals of Greek (French: section de la communauté grecque orthodoxe), Chinese (French: section de la communauté chinoise), and Cambodian (French: lots des cambodgiens) descent.The main entrance is accessed at 1801 Saint-Louis Road, at the northern end of the cemetery. There is a pedestrian entrance located at the southwestern portion of the cemetery, accessed at the northern terminus of avenue des Voiliers, one-block east of côte de Sillery. The cemetery grounds contain both paved and gravel roads.
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