Camilla Erculiani

farmacista italiana

1501   -   1600

country of citizenship: Republic of Venice
language of expression: Italian
occupation: philosopher

Camilla Erculiani (also known as Camilla Herculiana, died post-1584) was an Italian apothecary, writer, natural philosopher and women's advocate during the early modern period. This "self-described pharmacist" published a book, in the form of letter-essays, about her views on topics of science and natural philosophy. Erculiani's Lettre di philosophia naturale or Letters on Natural Philosophy was published in 1584. Due to some of the unconventional theories presented in her work, she was put on trial by the Roman Inquisition on charges of suspected heresy- for the "blurring of boundaries between natural philosophy and theology." Although the trial records are lost, it is speculated that Erculiani was likely pardoned.
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