Vi kallar honom Anna


Vi kallar honom Anna (We call him Anna) is a 1987 Swedish novel by Peter Pohl. It is about Anders, a boy visiting a summer camp who is severely bullied. It is written from the perspective of Micke, one of the leaders of the summer camp. Vi kallar honom Anna has been translated into Dutch (We noemen hem Anna, 1993), German (Nennen wir ihn Anna, 1991), Danish (Vi kalder ham Anna, 1989) and Norwegian (Vi kaller ham Anna, 1989). It is the fifth book from the rainbow series. Micke's experiences may be autobiographic. Micke is youth leader for sports in the same summer camp and the same period as Pohl was. Both do running and win prizes, are the same age and pass for the exams at Södra Latin in the same year. Further, the very sparse references to Micke's past correspond with Pohl's. It is not clear whether it is a youth book or a book for adults. It can be read in different ways, by children (13+) as well as by adults. Some libraries place it in the youth section, while others place it with the adults' books. It describes both the fate of a 14-year-old boy, as well as the psychological impact his fate has on a 17-year-old boy.
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