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Jean-Christophe (1904‒1912) is the novel in 10 volumes by Romain Rolland for which he received the Prix Femina in 1905 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915. It was translated into English by Gilbert Cannan. The first four volumes are sometimes grouped as Jean-Christophe, the next three as Jean-Christophe à Paris, and the last three as La fin du voyage ("Journey's End"). L'Aube ("Dawn", 1904) Le Matin ("Morning", 1904) L'Adolescent ("Youth", 1904) La Révolte ("Revolt", 1905) La Foire sur la place ("The Marketplace", 1908) Antoinette (1908) Dans la maison ("The House", 1908) Les Amies ("Love and Friendship", 1910) Le Buisson ardent ("The Burning Bush", 1911) La Nouvelle Journée ("The New Dawn", 1912)The English translations appeared between 1911 and 1913.
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original title: Jean-Christophe
language: French
date of publication: 1904
genre: novel


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