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The Holy Sinner


The Holy Sinner (in German, Der Erwählte) is a German novel written by Thomas Mann. Published in 1951, it is based on the medieval verse epic Gregorius written by the German Minnesinger Hartmann von Aue (c. 1165-1210). The book explores a subject that fascinated Thomas Mann to the end of his life – the origins of evil and evil's connection with magic. Here Mann uses a medieval legend about "the exceeding mercy of God and the birth of the blessed Pope Gregory" as he used the biblical account of Joseph as the basis for Joseph and His Brothers, illuminating with his ironic sensibility the notion of original sin and transcendence of evil.
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original title: Der Erwählte
language: German
date of publication: 1951
based on: Gregorius
genre: novel
narrative location: County of Flanders, Bruges


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