Vayoel Moshe


Vayoel Moshe (Hebrew: ויואל משה‎) is a Hebrew book written by Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, founder of the Satmar Hasidic movement, in 1961. In it, Teitelbaum argues that Zionism is incompatible with Judaism. As Teitelbaum explains in the introduction, the book's title is taken from the biblical verse of Exodus 2:21, and hints to Teitelbaum's first name (Yoel), and to his grandfather, Moshe Teitelbaum. The verse, which states "And Moses agreed to alien in a foreign land", hints to Teitelbaum's conclusion that the Jewish people should remain in exile.The book is considered to be Teitelbaum's magnum opus, and is of the utmost importance to Satmar Hasidim, as well as to many Haredim who follow the Satmar doctrine regarding Zionism. Satmar Hasidism has many institutions, buildings and neighborhoods named after the book. Vayoel Moshe is primarily a book of Halacha, Jewish law. However, it draws on Rabbinic Jewish philosophy as well.
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