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The Black Book of Soviet Jewry or simply The Black Book (Russian: Чёрная Книга, Chiornaya Kniga; Yiddish: דאָס שוואַרצע בוך‎, Dos shvartse bukh), also known as The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewry, is a 500-page book compiled for publication by Ilya Ehrenburg and Vasily Grossman originally in late 1944 in the Russian language. It was a result of the collaborative effort by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC) and members of the American Jewish community to document the anti-Jewish crimes of the Holocaust and the participation of Jews in the resistance movement against the Nazis during World War II. The 1991 Kiev edition of The Black Book was subtitled The Ruthless Murder of Jews by German-Fascist Invaders Throughout the Temporarily-Occupied Regions of the Soviet Union and in the German Nazi Death Camps established on occupied Polish soil during the War 1941–1945.The book was not allowed to be published in the Soviet Union upon the conclusion of war. Its insistence on the uniqueness of Jewish suffering – above and beyond the rest of Soviet citizenry – was denounced by the Central Committee as anti-Soviet.
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original title: Чёрная книга (Холокост)
date of publication: 1994
genre: non-fiction
main subject: The Holocaust, The Second World War
narrative location: Soviet Union, Poland

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