Iskandar Beg Munshi

Iranian historian

1560   -   1634

country of citizenship: Iran
occupation: historian

Iskandar Beg Munshi, a.k.a. Iskandar Beg Turkman (c. 1560 – c. 1632), was a Persian historian of Turkmen origin of the Safavid emperor Shah Abbas I. Iskandar Beg began as an accountant in the bureaucracy, but later became a privileged secretary of the Shahs. He wrote one of the greatest works of Persian historiography, Tārīk̲h̲-i ʿĀlam-ārā-yi ʿAbbāsī (Alamara-i Abbasi). The work begins with the origins of the Safavids and continues through the reign of Shah Abbas I. He knew the Azerbaijani language.
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