Georges Vacher de Lapouge

French anthropologist

1854   -   1936

country of citizenship: France
language of expression: French
educated at: Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales, École du Louvre, University of Poitiers
occupation: anthropologist, librarian, philosopher, entomologist, sociologist, eugenicist
position held: Procureur de la République
influenced by: Arthur de Gobineau

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Count Georges Vacher de Lapouge (French: [vaʃe də lapuʒ]; 12 December 1854 – 20 February 1936) was a French anthropologist and a theoretician of eugenics and racialism. He is known as the founder of anthroposociology, the anthropological and sociological study of race as a means of establishing the superiority of certain peoples.
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