Ibn Sirin

Iraqi interpreter of dreams

652   -   729 or 727

country of citizenship: Umayyad Caliphate, Abbasid Caliphate
language of expression: Arabic
occupation: writer, muhaddith, faqih, mufassir, dream interpretation
student of: Anas ibn Malik, Zayd ibn Thabit, Abu Hurairah al-Dawsiyy, `Abd Allah ibn `Abbas, Abdullah ibn Umar

Muhammad Ibn Sirin (Arabic: محمد بن سيرين‎) (born in Basra) was a Muslim mystic and interpreter of dreams who lived in the 8th century. He was a contemporary of Anas ibn Malik.
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تفسير الأحلام

كتاب من تأليف محمد بن سيرين

author: Ibn Sirin

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