Caligula is a play written by Albert Camus, begun in 1938 (the date of the first manuscript 1939) and published for the first time in May 1944 by Éditions Gallimard. The play was later the subject of numerous revisions. It was part of what the author called the "Cycle of the Absurd", with the novel The Stranger (1942) and the essay The Myth of Sisyphus (1942). A number of critics have reported the piece to be existentialist; however, Camus always denied belonging to this philosophy. Its plot revolves around the historical figure of Caligula, a Roman Emperor famed for his cruelty and seemingly insane behavior.
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part of the series: Absurd cycle
original title: Caligula
language: French
date of publication: 1944
genre: Theatre of the Absurd
characters: Caligula, Drusilla, Cherea, Scipio, Mucius’ wife, Caesonia, Helicon, Mucius, Octavius, Lucius


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