The Worlds of Aldebaran (French: Les Mondes d'Aldébaran) is a French science-fiction comic series written and illustrated by Léo and published by Dargaud in French and Cinebook in English. The Aldebaran saga is divided into 4 cycles: Aldebaran and its sequels Betelgeuse, Antares and Return to Aldebaran. Each cycle is composed of some five albums, and each corresponds to a different planet. Although it is possible to read the cycles separately, they are chronological to form a coherent whole. Each cycle (and thus planet) introduces new secondary characters, although the central heroes of the story remain constant. 2011 saw the release of a new volume, Survivors (French: Survivants), which introduced a new set of characters and takes place concurrently with Antares. The next cycle, Return to Aldebaran (French: Retour sur Aldebaran) began in 2018. The series has been translated into several languages, including Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Croatian, Spanish and English.
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