Giulio Alenio

1582 - 1649

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

country of citizenship:  Republic of Venice
languages spoken, written or signed:  ItalianChinese

Giulio Aleni (Latin: Julius Alenius; 1582 – 10 June 1649), in Chinese Ai Rulüe, was an Italian Jesuit missionary and scholar. He was born in Leno near Brescia in Italy, at the time part of the Republic of Venice, and died at Yanping in China. He became a member of the Society of Jesus in 1600 and distinguished himself in his knowledge of mathematics and theology. He is known for helping publish the Zhifang Waiji, an atlas in Chinese. Giulio Aleni also wrote a treatise criticizing the Ming dynasty, the Ming emperors and their elites, and their mistakes and errors. Near the end of his life, the Ming dynasty eventually got destroyed and replaced by the Qing dynasty founded by the House of Aisin-Gioro. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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