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Jaroslav Hašek

Czech humorist, satirist, writer and anarchist

1883   -   1923

country of citizenship: Czech Republic, Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia
native language: Czech
occupation: writer, comedian, satirist, anarchist, novelist, journalist

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Jaroslav Hašek (Czech: [ˈjaroslav ˈɦaʃɛk]; 30 April 1883 – 3 January 1923) was a Czech writer, humorist, satirist, journalist, bohemian and anarchist. He is best known for his novel The Good Soldier Švejk, an unfinished collection of farcical incidents about a soldier in World War I and a satire on the ineptitude of authority figures. The novel has been translated into about 60 languages, making it the most translated novel in Czech literature.
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The Good Soldier Švejk

novel by the Czech author Jaroslav Hašek

author: Jaroslav Hašek

Storia del porco Saverio

short story by Jaroslav Hašek

author: Jaroslav Hašek



short story

author: Jaroslav Hašek



Otcovské radosti pana Motejzlíka

author: Jaroslav Hašek

Cikáni o „hodech“

author: Jaroslav Hašek


author: Jaroslav Hašek

Moje zpověď

author: Jaroslav Hašek


author: Jaroslav Hašek

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