Thietmar of Merseburg cover

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Thietmar of Merseburg

German bishop and historian

975   -   1019

country of citizenship: Germany
languages spoken, written or signed: Latin
occupation: historian, writer, chronicler, Catholic priest
position held: Catholic bishop, diocesan bishop

Ebooks: on Wikisource

Thietmar (also Dietmar or Dithmar; 25 July 975 – 1 December 1018), Prince-Bishop of Merseburg from 1009 until his death, was an important chronicler recording the reigns of German kings and Holy Roman Emperors of the Ottonian (Saxon) dynasty. Two of Thietmar's great-grandfathers, both referred to as Liuthar, were the Saxon nobles Lothar II, Count of Stade, and Lothar I, Count of Walbeck. They were both killed fighting the Slavs at the Battle of Lenzen.
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