Emunoth ve-Deoth


The Book of Beliefs and Opinions (Arabic: كتاب الأمانات والاعتقادات‎, romanized: Kitāb al-Amānāt wa l-Iʿtiqādāt) is a book written by Saadia Gaon (completed 933) which is the first systematic presentation and philosophic foundation of the dogmas of Judaism. The work was originally in Juedo-Arabic, (Arabic written in Hebrew letters with quotations from the Torah). The first Hebrew translation was done in 1186 by Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbon, titled Emunot ve-Deot (Hebrew: 'אמונות ודעות'‎ Beliefs and Opinions). An unabridged translation into English by Samuel Rosenblatt was published in 1948. The work is prefaced by an introduction and has ten chapters; it was completed in 933.
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original title: Emunoth ve-Deoth
date of publication: 933

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