Julius Eisenstein

Polish Hebraist

1854   -   1956

country of citizenship: United States of America, Congress Poland, Russian Empire
language of expression: Hebrew, Polish, Russian, English, German, Yiddish
occupation: writer, translator, publisher, encyclopedist

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Julius (Judah David) Eisenstein (November 12, 1854 – May 17, 1956) (Hebrew: יהודה דוד אייזנשטיין‎) was a Polish-Jewish-American anthologist, diarist, encyclopedist, Hebraist, historian, philanthropist, and Orthodox polemicist born in Międzyrzec Podlaski (known in Yiddish as Mezritch d'Lita), a town with a large Jewish majority in what was then Congress Poland. He died in New York City at the age of 101.
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אוצר זכרונותי

book by Julius Eisenstein

author: Julius Eisenstein


Ozar Midrashim

book by Julius Eisenstein

author: Julius Eisenstein


אוצר מסעות

קובץ יומני-מסע של נוסעים יהודים מתקופות שונות

author: Julius Eisenstein


אוצר ויכוחים

boek van Julius Eisenstein

author: Julius Eisenstein


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