Alderac Entertainment Group

date of foundation:  1993
founded by:  Jolly Blackburn
official website:

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) is a publisher of family board game products. AEG was formed by Jolly Blackburn in 1993. Blackburn left the company in 1995 and the majority of the company is now owned by President & CEO John Zinser. The company is virtual and does not have a physical headquarters but it is legally domiciled in the city of Henderson, Nevada. AEG's first product was Shadis Magazine (winner of the 1994, 1995, and 1996 Origins Awards for Best Professional Gaming Magazine). In 1994 the company began working on the development of the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game; that game was published in 1995. Throughout the 1990s AEG expanded its CCG offerings and began designing and publishing Role-Playing Game and Miniatures Wargame Game products as well. The company has exited the CCG, RPG and Miniatures Wargame categories and now exclusively publishes family board games. Including the three for Shadis mentioned above, AEG products have garnered twenty Origins Awards (see the individual articles noted below for more details). In 2014, Love Letter was on the recommended list published by the Spiel des Jahres judges committee. In 2022, Cascadia, which AEG co-publishes with Flatout Games won the Spiel des Jahres Game of the Year award. AEG & Flatout licensed the game to Kosmos for the award-winning German language edition. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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