Les Culottées is a blog BD (French webcomic in blog format) written by Pénélope Bagieu in 2016. Published on the website of Le Monde, Bagieu uses Les Culottées to tell short biographical stories about women. Each comic features a woman from the past or present with an unusual or inspiring story. Bagieu produced one comic a week from January to October 2016, and eventually released the comics in book form. The stories were split into two print publications in France with the subtitle Des Femmes Qui ne Font Que ce Qu’elles Veulent (Women Who Do as They Please). Each one contained fifteen short stories. The work was released In English as one volume with the title Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World. The English version has only 29 stories instead of the original 30, as "Phoolan Devi, the Indian Queen of Bandits" was removed because it included the rape of a ten-year-old girl by her husband. Translated into 11 languages, Brazen was positively received.
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original title: Culottées
date of publication: 2016 or 2017
genre: biography, comic
published in: Éditions Gallimard

1. Culottées 1

author: Pénélope Bagieu

2. Culotées 2

author: Pénélope Bagieu

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