Trevor Steele

Australian Esperantist and writer

1940   -  

country of citizenship: Australia
languages spoken, written or signed: Esperanto, English
occupation: Esperantist, writer, translator
award received: OSIEK award
position held: Director of UEA

Trevor Steele (born 1940) is an Australian Esperantist who has written numerous short stories and novels in Esperanto. Steele's work is strongly influenced by his travel experiences in Germany, Western Europe and elsewhere, and is further enriched by experiences in Asia and Australia, mainly concerning indigenous people's problems, which were his concern during his year and a half of working at the Australian education department. He wrote two important books about relationships between the indigenous and non-indigenous populations, Flugi kun kakatuoj (2010) — published in English as Soaring with cockatoos (2012) and in French as Comme un vol d'oiseaux sacrés (2013) — and Paradizo ŝtelita (Paradise stolen, 2012). His autobiography, Konvinka kamuflaĵo ("Convincing camouflage"), was published in 2014. Steele's books are grounded in authenticity, to which he adds a bit of fantasy. Except for Apenaŭ papilioj en Bergen-Belsen, originally written in English as "No butterflies in Bergen-Belsen", all his published books were written originally in Esperanto, after which he translated them for possible publication in English. He once told Chuck Smith that while his Esperanto books sold steadily and found a ready publisher, he had many more difficulties in marketing his English works.
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