מוציא לאור ישראלי

Mapa - Mapping and Publishing (Hebrew: מפה - מיפוי והוצאה לאור‎, lit. map) is an Israeli cartographic and book publishing company. Mapa was founded in 1985, under the name Sifrei Tel-Aviv (lit. Tel-Aviv Books). It entered the field of cartography in 1994. Mapa eventually moved solely into cartography, becoming the market leader in map making for the public sector in 1995. It controlled close to 80% of the market in 2005.Mapa has been expanding its horizons since 1996, and now publishes books in all fields. It also exports some books. Mapa's workforce consists of approximately 70 employees.In April 2007, Mapa was purchased by the GPS company Ituran for US$13 million.
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