The Amazing Spider-Man #129


The Amazing Spider-Man #129, with its subtitle being "The Punisher Strikes Twice!" is a 19-page-long single issue of the American comic book The Amazing Spider-Man, published by Marvel Comics in 1974. The issue is well known for being the first appearance of the character called the Punisher, who at that point in time was portrayed as an antagonist of Spider-Man but would later become one of Marvel's most popular and successful characters. The issue is also the first appearance of the Jackal, a supervillain who would go on to become one of Spider-Man's main adversaries and an integral part of the infamous mid-90s Spider-Man storyline the Clone Saga.The issue is considered a milestone comic by Marvel fans and is very sought after among comic book collectors. It was written by Gerry Conway and drawn by artist Ross Andru with a cover by Gil Kane and John Romita Sr. which has been homaged, copied, and parodied multiple times.
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part of the series: The Amazing Spider-Man
original title: The Amazing Spider-Man #129
subtitle: The Punisher Strikes Twice!
language: English
date of publication: 1974

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