Muslim historian (820-892)

819   -   891

country of citizenship: Abbasid Caliphate
native language: Arabic
languages spoken, written or signed: Arabic
occupation: historian, geographer

Ebooks: on Wikisource

Ahmad ibn Yahya ibn Jabir (Arabic: أحمد ابن يحيى ابن جابر, romanized: ʾAḥmad ibn Yaḥyā ibn Jabir; c. 820–892), better known as al-Baladhuri (Arabic: أحمد ابن يحيى ابن جابر البلاذري, romanized: al-Balādhurī) was a 9th-century historian. One of the eminent Middle Eastern historians of his age, he spent most of his life in Baghdad and enjoyed great influence at the court of the caliph al-Mutawakkil. He travelled in Syria and Iraq, compiling information for his major works. His full name was Ahmad Bin Yahya Bin Jabir Al-Baladhuri (Arabic: أحمد بن يحيى بن جابر البلاذري), Balazry Ahmad Bin Yahya Bin Jabir Abul Hasan or Abi al-Hassan Baladhuri.
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