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Dua Libro de l' Lingvo Internacia (Second Book of the International Language), usually referred to simply as Dua Libro, is an 1888 book by L. L. Zamenhof. It is the second book in which Zamenhof wrote about the constructed language Esperanto, following Unua Libro in 1887, and the first book to be written entirely in the language.Dua Libro consists primarily of translations, which Zamenhof provided as reading material for those who expressed interest in the language after the publication of Unua Libro the previous year. It also usually includes Aldono al la Dua Libro (Supplement to the Second Book), which was originally published separately. In Aldono, Zamenhof solidified Esperanto into its final form.
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original title: Dua Libro de l’ Lingvo Internacia
date of publication: 1888
main subject: Esperanto
follows: Unua Libro
followed by: Supplement to Dua Libro

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