Time and Again


Time and Again (sometimes written as Time & Again) is a 1951 science fiction novel by American writer Clifford D. Simak. An alternate paperback title was First He Died; it was also serialized (with a different ending) as Time Quarry.The plot involved a long-lost spaceman returning to Earth from a distant planet where the "souls" of humans may live. His fuddled observations spark a religious schism and war, and "future folk insist [he] should be killed on sight as he will otherwise write a book that, because it tells a truth inconvenient to religious bigots, will cause the death of millions". Evolutionary transcendence is a theme, as it was for a number of other Simak novels. The novel is one of Simak's more popular works.
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original title: Time and Again
language: English
date of publication: 1951
genre: science fiction novel
main subject: time travel


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