Nakagawa Jun'an

Physician and scholar (1739-1786)

1739   -   1786

country of citizenship: Japan
occupation: physician, translator, botanist
student of: Tamura Ransui, Carl Peter Thunberg

Nakagawa Jun'an (中川 淳庵, 1739 – 2 July 1786) was a Japanese doctor, botanist, and scholar of rangaku (Western learning). He was a junior colleague of Sugita Genpaku, with whom he studied and worked in Obama Domain, Wakasa Province, a center for Western medicine in Edo period Japan. Along with Sugita and Maeno Ryōtaku (前野 良沢), Nakagawa prepared Kaitai Shinsho, a translation of the Dutch "New Book of Anatomy." Nakagawa was very active in circles of rangaku scholars, and is said to have played an important role in the field's progression and advancement.
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