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Guido van Rossum

Dutch programmer and creator of Python

1956   -  

country of citizenship: Kingdom of the Netherlands
educated at: University of Amsterdam
occupation: computer scientist, engineer, programmer, writer
award received: FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software
position held: Benevolent Dictator for Life

Guido van Rossum (Dutch: [ˈɣido vɑn ˈrɔsʏm, -səm]; born 31 January 1956) is a Dutch programmer best known as the author of the Python programming language, for which he was the "Benevolent dictator for life" (BDFL) until he stepped down from the position in July 2018. He is currently a member of the Python Steering Council.
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Learning Python

book by Guido van Rossum and Fred L. Drake, Jr.

author: Guido van Rossum

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