245 - 325

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

country of citizenship:  Ancient Rome
languages spoken, written or signed:  Ancient Greek
occupation:  philosopherwriter

Iamblichus ( eye-AM-blik-əs; Greek: Ἰάμβλιχος, translit. Iámblichos; Arabic: يَمْلِكُ, romanized: Yamlīḵū; Aramaic: 𐡉𐡌𐡋𐡊𐡅, romanized: Yamlīḵū; c. 245 – c. 325) was an Arab neoplatonic philosopher. He determined a direction later taken by neoplatonism. Iamblichus was also the biographer of the Greek mystic, philosopher, and mathematician Pythagoras. In addition to his philosophical contributions, his Protrepticus is important for the study of the sophists because it preserved about ten pages of an otherwise unknown sophist known as the Anonymus Iamblichi. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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