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Godfrey Higgins

British archaeologist

1772   -   1833

occupation: archaeologist, historian, esotericist

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Godfrey Higgins (30 January 1772 in Owston, Yorkshire – 9 August 1833 in Cambridge) was an English magistrate and landowner, a prominent advocate for social reform, historian, and antiquarian. He wrote concerning ancient myths. His book Anacalypsis, was published posthumously, in which he asserts a commonality among various religious myths, which he traces back to the supposed lost religion of Atlantis. He has been termed a "political radical, reforming county magistrate and idiosyncratic historian of religions".
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lengthy two-volume treatise written by religious historian Godfrey Higgins, and published after his death in 1833.

author: Godfrey Higgins


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