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Rómulo Gallegos

Venezuelan president and writer (1884-1969)

1884   -   1969

genre: novel
country of citizenship: Venezuela
language of expression: Spanish
educated at: Central University of Venezuela
occupation: writer, politician, novelist, journalist
award received: National Prize for Literature, Honorary Doctorate from the National Autonomous University of Mexico
position held: senator for life, member of the Chamber of Deputies of Venezuela, President of Venezuela

Rómulo Ángel del Monte Carmelo Gallegos Freire (2 August 1884 – 5 April 1969) was a Venezuelan novelist and politician. For a period of nine months during 1948, he governed as the first freely elected president in Venezuela's history.Rómulo Gallegos is considered the most relevant Venezuelan novelist of the 20th century, and a prominent figure in Latin American literature.
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Doña Bárbara

book written by Rómulo Gallegos

author: Rómulo Gallegos



book by Rómulo Gallegos

author: Rómulo Gallegos


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