Philippe Pinel cover

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Philippe Pinel

French psychiatrist

1745   -   1826

country of citizenship: France
language of expression: French
educated at: University of Toulouse
occupation: scientist, psychiatrist, physician, zoologist, psychologist
award received: Knight of the Legion of Honour
student of: Paul Joseph Barthez, Charles Deslon

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Philippe Pinel (French: [pinɛl]; 20 April 1745 – 25 October 1826) was a French physician who was instrumental in the development of a more humane psychological approach to the custody and care of psychiatric patients, referred to today as moral therapy. He also made notable contributions to the classification of mental disorders and has been described by some as "the father of modern psychiatry". An 1809 description of a case that Pinel recorded in the second edition of his textbook on insanity is regarded by some as the earliest evidence for the existence of the form of mental disorder later known as dementia praecox or schizophrenia, although Emil Kraepelin is generally accredited with its first conceptualisation.
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