Đại Việt sử lược cover

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Đại Việt sử lược


The Đại Việt sử lược (literally Abridged Chronicles of Đại Việt) or Việt sử lược (越史略, Abridged Chronicles of Viet) is an historical text that was compiled during the Trần Dynasty. The 3-volume book was finished around 1377 and covered the history of Vietnam from the reign of Triệu Đà to the collapse of the Lý Dynasty. During the Fourth Chinese domination of Vietnam, the book, together with almost all official records of the Trần Dynasty, was taken away to China and subsequently collected in the Siku Quanshu. Đại Việt sử lược is considered the earliest chronicles about the history of Vietnam that remains today.
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language: Classical Chinese
date of publication: 1377
genre: historiography
main subject: history of Vietnam

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