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Giovanni Gentile

Italian philosopher, educator, and fascist politician

1875   -   1944

movement: Hegelianism
country of citizenship: Kingdom of Italy
language of expression: Italian
educated at: Scuola Normale Superiore, University of Pisa, University of Florence
occupation: philosopher, pedagogue, politician, professor, literary critic
award received: Serena Medal, Gautieri Award
position held: minister of Public Education of the Kingdom of Italy, Director of the Scuola Normale Superiore, senator of the Kingdom of Italy
student of: Donato Jaja
influenced by: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Giovanni Gentile (Italian: [dʒoˈvanni dʒenˈtiːle]; 30 May 1875 – 15 April 1944) was an Italian neo-Hegelian idealist philosopher, educator, and fascist politician. The self-styled "philosopher of Fascism", he was influential in providing an intellectual foundation for Italian Fascism, and ghostwrote part of The Doctrine of Fascism (1932) with Benito Mussolini. He was involved in the resurgence of Hegelian idealism in Italian philosophy and also devised his own system of thought, which he called "actual idealism" or "actualism", which has been described as "the subjective extreme of the idealist tradition".
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