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Jacobus de Voragine

Italian Roman Catholic archbishop

1228   -   1298

occupation: translator, Catholic religious, writer, Catholic priest
position held: archbishop, Catholic bishop

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Jacopo De Fazio, best known as the blessed Jacobus da Varagine, or in Latin Voragine (Italian: Giacomo da Varazze, Jacopo da Varazze; c. 1230 – 13 or 16 July 1298) was an Italian chronicler and archbishop of Genoa. He was the author, or more accurately the compiler, of Legenda Aurea, the Golden Legend, a collection of the legendary lives of the greater saints of the medieval church that was one of the most popular religious works of the Middle Ages.
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Golden Legend

collection of hagiographies by Jacobus da Varagine, referred as a medieval "bestseller"

author: Jacobus de Voragine


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