Marcus Velleius Paterculus cover

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Marcus Velleius Paterculus

Roman historian


country of citizenship: ancient Rome
language of expression: Latin
occupation: historian, writer, military personnel

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Marcus Velleius Paterculus (c. 19 BC – c. AD 31), also known as Velleius (), was a Roman historian. His History (Latin: Historiae), written in a highly rhetorical style, covered the period from the end of the Trojan War to the death of Livia in AD 29, but is most useful for the period from the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC to the death of Augustus in 14 AD. Although Velleius's praenomen is given as Marcus by Priscian, some modern scholars identify him with Gaius Velleius Paterculus, whose name occurs in an inscription on a north African milestone (C.I.L. VIII.10, 311): the first printed edition gives his praenomen as C.
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Historiae (Velleius)

исторический труд Гая Веллея Патеркула

author: Marcus Velleius Paterculus

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