Ivan Gundulić cover

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Ivan Gundulić

poet from the Republic of Ragusa

1589   -   1638

country of citizenship: Republic of Ragusa
language of expression: Croatian
occupation: poet, writer, judge

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Dživo Franov Gundulić, also Gianfrancesco Gondola (8 January 1589 – 8 December 1638), better known today as Ivan Gundulić, was the most prominent Baroque poet from the Republic of Ragusa, (now in Croatia) His work embodies central characteristics of Roman Catholic Counter-Reformation: religious fervor, insistence on "vanity of this world" and zeal in opposition to "infidels". Gundulić's major works—the epic poem Osman, the pastoral play Dubravka, and the religious poem Tears of the Prodigal Son (based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son) are examples of Baroque stylistic richness and, frequently, rhetorical excess.
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20-canto poem, written by Ivan Gundulich

author: Ivan Gundulić


play by Ivan Gundulić

author: Ivan Gundulić

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