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Ibn Hazm

Arab theologian

994   -   1064

country of citizenship: Caliphate of Córdoba
occupation: philosopher

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Abū Muḥammad ʿAlī ibn Aḥmad ibn Saʿīd ibn Ḥazm (Arabic: أبو محمد علي بن احمد بن سعيد بن حزم‎; also sometimes known as al-Andalusī aẓ-Ẓāhirī; November 7, 994 – August 15, 1064 (456 AH) was an Andalusian poet, polymath, historian, jurist, philosopher, and theologian, born in Córdoba, present-day Spain. He was a leading proponent and codifier of the Zahiri school of Islamic thought, and produced a reported 400 works of which only 40 still survive. The Encyclopaedia of Islam refers to him as having been one of the leading thinkers of the Muslim world, and he is widely acknowledged as the father of comparative religious studies.
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The Ring of the Dove

كتاب من تأليف علي بن حزم الأندلسي

author: Ibn Hazm



boek van Ibn Hazm

author: Ibn Hazm

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