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2nd century Greek historian, official and philosopher

1988   -   174

movement: stoicism
country of citizenship: Ancient Rome
language of expression: Ancient Greek
occupation: historian, politician, philosopher, military personnel
position held: Ancient Roman senator, eponymous archon, Roman consul
student of: Epictetus

Arrian of Nicomedia (; Greek: Ἀρριανός Arrianos; Latin: Lucius Flavius Arrianus; c. 86/89 – c. after 146/160 AD) was a Greek historian, public servant, military commander and philosopher of the Roman period.The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian is considered the best source on the campaigns of Alexander the Great. However, more recently, even though modern scholars have generally preferred Arrian to other extant primary sources, this attitude towards Arrian is beginning to change in the light of studies into Arrian's method.
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Enchiridion of Epictetus

Stoic ethical advice compiled by Arrian

author: Arrian, Epictetus


book by Arrian

author: Arrian


Discourses of Epictetus

a handbook for the philosophical way of life

author: Arrian

The Campaigns of Alexander

author: Arrian

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