Kitāb al-Hayawān


The Kitāb al-Ḥayawān (كتاب الحيوان; English: Book of Animals) is an Arabic translation in 19 treatises (maqālāt'). Historia Animalium : treatises 1-10De Partibus Animalium : treatises 11-14De Generatione Animalium : treatises 15-19 Medieval Arabic tradition ascribes the translation to Yahya Ibn al-Batriq, but contemporary scholarship does not support this attribution. This Arabic version was the source for the Latin translation De Animalibus by Michael Scot in Toledo before 1217. Several complete manuscript versions exist in Leiden, London, and Tehran), but the text has been edited in separate volumes corresponding to the three Aristotelian sources. The Egyptian existentialist philosopher Abdel Rahman Badawi edited Treatises 1-10 (Historia Animalium) as Ṭibā‘ al-Ḥayawān and Treatises 11-14 (De Partibus Animalium) as Ajzā al-Ḥayawān. Treatises 15-19 (De Generatione Animalium) first appeared in the Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus series in 1971. This series then published Treatises 11-14 in 1979 and Treatises 1-10 in 2018.
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