The Faculty of Useless Knowledge


The Faculty of Useless Knowledge (Russian: Факультет ненужных вещей) is a novel by Soviet writer Yury Dombrovsky about the fate of the Russian intellectual in the era of Stalin's repressions, written in 1964-1975. It completes a kind of dialogue begun by the novel "The Guardian of Antiquities" (published in 1964 in ‘’Novy Mir’’). The novel was dedicated to Dombrovsky's "New World" editor Anna Samoilovna Berser and published in the West (IMCA-Press, Paris); according to the popular version, this publication was the cause of Dombrovsky's death (possibly murder). In the USSR, the first publication took place in 1988 in the "Novy Mir" (separate editions in Moscow, Almaty, Khabarovsk in 1989-1990).
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original title: Факультет ненужных вещей
language: Russian
date of publication: 1978
genre: novel


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