Musa Cälil cover

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Musa Cälil

Soviet poet

1906   -   1944

genre: narrative poetry, libretto
country of citizenship: Russian Empire, Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, Soviet Union
languages spoken, written or signed: Russian, Tatar
educated at: MSU Faculty of Ethnology, Московское военно-политическое училище имени В. И. Ленина
occupation: war correspondent, poet, author, translator, writer
award received: Order of Lenin, Hero of the Soviet Union, Lenin Prize

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Musa Cälil (pronounced [muˈsɑ ʑæˈlil]; Jaꞑalif: Musa Çəlil; Cyrillic: Муса Җәлил; full name: Musa Mostafa ulı Cälilev, Cyrillic: Муса Мостафа улы Җәлилев; Russian: Муса Джалиль, Муса Мустафович Залилов, Musa Dzhalil, Musa Mustafovich Zalilov, also anglicized as Mussa Jalil [muˈsɑ dʒæˈlil]; February 15, 1906 – August 25, 1944) was a Soviet Tatar poet and resistance fighter. He is the only poet of the Soviet Union who was simultaneously awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union award for his resistance fighting, and the Lenin Prize for having written The Moabit Notebooks; both the awards were awarded to him posthumously.
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