Martin Winckler

French writer

1955   -  

country of citizenship: France
native language: French
language of expression: French
educated at: Tours University
occupation: physician, physician writer, novelist, non-fiction writer, translator
award received: Inter Book Prize

Martin Winckler (born Marc Zaffran; 22 February 1955, in French Algeria) is a French M.D. and short story, novel and essay writer. His main topics are the French medical system, the relationships between caregivers and patients and Women's Health. One of the first TV series critics in France, he has written numerous articles and books on the subject (ER; Grey's Anatomy; House, MD; Law & Order).
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La Maladie de Sachs

roman de Martin Winckler

author: Martin Winckler


Le Chœur des femmes

roman de Martin Winckler

author: Martin Winckler


Abraham et Fils

roman de Winckler

author: Martin Winckler

Contraceptions : mode d'emploi

author: Martin Winckler

La maladie de Sachs

author: Martin Winckler

Les Brutes en blanc

author: Martin Winckler

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